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personnel to keep track

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income, the proposed increase "of income, including equity income" requirement.Jiang Wen Fu explained that if scientific and technological achievements in the upcoming but not yet converted into shares listed companies can maintain the value added results, appreciation, but also to establish a contact group on the long-term scientific and technical personnel and business, making the results of scientific and technical personnel to keep track of this research to enhance and deepen, so the results of innovation, rather than one-time use. This conversion ratio permission auction more meaningful, which is China's comparative lack of a transformed way."Why are not deep enonike air max thea cheapugh technological innovation  Once the results of the shot, scientists often no longer the tube, because the same as the product has been sold out. If scientists shares, he will follow-up study, only the results continue to deepen and innovate in order to make the results of will turn the greater the value of the results will be higher and higher. This solves the problem of the driving force behind technological innovation members. "Xu steel members for additional proposals for the draft this provision, too. He believes that in addition to the unit reward people who have made important contributions, but also other aspects of distribution

 and incentives. He mentioned that, according to the national accounting system, institutions benefit, net income, in addition to the distribution, according to the forty-six open, 40% into the welfare fund, 60 percent into the unit development fund. "This content is not reflected in the draft. Before extracting the remaining prize money than 30-40% were forty-six open, but state regulations prohibit issuing securities, not the payment of benefits, you'll be a lack of enthusiasm." Xu steel said."I believe that the transformation in A nike air max 2015 mensrticle 18 should get what benefits can be used to try to say that the whole thing, so that the transformation efficiency distribution law, are well documented, so research institutions engaged in scientific research and its daring." Xu Gang said.Not only an important contribution to reward staffDraft Article 18, after the completion of the conversion job to make an important contribution to the scientific and technological achievements of staff reward and remuneration, included in this unit budget for science and technology research and development and technology transfer work. When the group discussion, a number of Standing Committee member, should expand the scope of reward staff.Xu Gang pointed out that the relevant provisions of the State will be the outcome, patents

drew the Standing Committee of Anhui Province to amend " Anhui Provincial Narcotics regulations "to further strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthening anti-drug forces, and to increase funding to promote the anti-drug rehabilitation centers and other infrastructure, and improve the working mechanism of community drug rehabilitation community, to promote the sustainable development of anti-drug work. 2014, spot checks to verify the nationwide launch, five to be promoted in the management of cadres wer nike air huarache womense promoted to cancel qualification. Since the individual event reporting system implemented in 1995 has been the leading cadres, 20 years, officials report forms filled constantly changing. Correspondingly, more and more strict constraints on officials. 2015, for the purposes of selecting and appointing cadres, "will check all references," "Where will mention nuclear" is the new normal.ReleaseLeadership Matters report personal checks raised to 10% the proportion ofXinhua News Agency, currently deputy level leading cadres above the country has been basically completed the work focused on completing personal matters, and on the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the contents of my reporting solemnly make a written "commitment" to the organization.Further increase the intensity of

the unit other personnel

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 and other intellectual property rights important contributors, is defined as the key technology to solve important technical personnel issues. "But the benefits of scientific and technological achievements into one unit after the Task Force can not just give this, only a few people can not be directly related to the outcome of the reward, the unit other personnel, and even higher level of membership organizations have to give." Xu Gang said."There are no  nike air flyknit max saleprovisions in the section of the draft with the GSP, is not conducive to mobilize the enthusiasm of the unit as a whole, is not conducive to the transformation initiative to create the unit as a whole, it is recommended that a plus in these aspects." Zhang Shaoqin members felt that the draft The enjoyment of the rights and interests of scientific and technological achievements were defined as the complete transformation of scientific and technical results make an important contribution of personnel, it is recommended connotation "contribution" and the scope of the "people" to give a more precise definition, such as whether to include the transformation of scientific and technological achievements made contribution to the administrative staff and civil servants, in order to better implementation of this Law.Wang Xiaochu members also

made recommendations to the content. He believes that the draft should strengthen scientific and technological achievements into the core of scientific and technical personnel incentives to expand the scope and intensity in terms of incentive mechanisms. For example, article 18 of the draft award object is to make an important contribution to the scientific and technical personnel, suggested that "important" to remove the words "to contribute to scientific and technical personnel."Income units should use discretionDraft Article 18, after the co  nike air presto 4 ukmpletion of the conversion job to make an important contribution to the scientific and technological achievements of staff reward and remuneration, included in this unit budget for science and technology research and development and technology transfer work. When the group discussion, a number of the Standing Committee members felt that the use of scientific and technological achievements into the revenue requirement should not be too dead, the unit should be given a certain degree of autonomy."Fully mobilize the research institutes, researchers and business transformation of scientific and technological achievements should be used as the primary motivation principle, to the law on the basis of the relaxation to enliven." Linghu members, the State set up

 a research funding agency has two parts, one is the operating costs, Another part is the research funding. With an annual operating costs should be economic development, increase wages and infrastructure needs reasonable growth, can not take it and the results of scientific and technological achievements hook.Linghu said that the current Article 18 of the relevant draft had died, too vague. Scientific and technological achievements into income into the budget management of the unit should be, but not limited to the transformation of scientific research, the unit should be given some autonomy.Ding Zhongli committee also believes that the current scientific research institutions, universities and other research and development is not the lack of funding for R & D expend nike air max 2014 onllineitures but not used. He suggested that the draft regulations "for scientific and technological research and development and technology transfer work," and then relax some, and finally add a "and" word, to "work" to make use of this R & D unit in the course of its own funds to have higher flexibility.Zhou Qifeng members, however, suggested that the draft "for science and technology research and development and technology transfer work." Deleted. For example, he explained that from the perspective of the University, research has made
and protracted war." Li Jianzhong pointed out, will be Anhui provincial government on behalf of the introduction of "opinion on the strengthening of anti-drug work,"

Anhui Province and Fuyang

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4682 people court for a guilty verdict.Chinese herbal medicine market in Bozhou, Anhui Province and Fuyang City, Taihe pharmaceutical market as the focus, organize illegal drain for ephedra, ephedrine-containing compound preparation of concentration and control, according to the law to crack down on trafficking of precursor chemicals criminal activities, and to improve the regulatory system as the starting point, strengthen management  nike air max 1mensmeasures, fine hemp drugs and precursor chemicals drain effectively control.2012-2014, Anhui Province cracked precursor chemicals 78 criminal cases, arrested 104 suspects, 166 administrative cases investigated since investigated 169 illegal enterprises, easy seized 210 tons of precursor chemicals.Drug addicts younger age was evident from Anhui Province seized drug addicts, the younger age was evident."Young people under 35 years old accounted for 81.1%, the youngest only 11 years old." The report said that drug-related area continues to expand, Anhui Province, 105 counties (cities, districts) were drug-related. Extreme cases caused by drug use (incident) cases are also frequent. 2013 and 2014, the

province's drug-induced causes of the occurrence of 13 malignant cases, a total of 15 people were killed and 19 wounded.Anhui take various measures to control the ring closing, shrinking drug consumption market demand. Explore the establishment of drug addicts as a dynamic control mechanism; vigorously strengthen drug rehabilitation work to promote the standardization of construction forced isolation treatment, the implementation of community drug rehabilitation community workstation model, encourage and support social forces to participate in drug rehabilitation; provide public service jobs for drug addicts, to encourage their their own businesses, and strive to make it a real addiction withdrawal, integrate into society.According to statistics, from 2012 to 2014, Anhui Province seized drug addicts 44000 people, 8347 people decide forced isolation treatment, community drug ordered 9164 people, CBR 3329 people.Increasing the level of violence of drug-related crimes"Since 3643, 4048 people." This is 2014, the number of cases of drug-related crimes uncovered in Anhui Province and the number of drugs and arrested   nike air max 1uk  the suspect, a record high. In which case payment of poison exceeded 40 kg or more cases have since."Sources from the early single source drugs to the current bull into the province, multi-line

penetration, showing points, lines long, wide trend." Li Jianzhong said, increasing the degree of violent drug-related crimes, showing confrontation of armed oriented features.Since 2012, Anhui Province cracked 60 drug cases involving firearms since seized 113 firearms to protect gun poison, poison confluence gun cases increased significantly. Drug manufacturing activities in the field of drug traffickers fleeing showing in Anhui Province to teach indigenous drug manufacturing, drug manufacturing and trafficking mix shift within the province of the phenomenon of drug manufacturing and trafficking of drugs and other raw materials.Pilot com  nike air max 90 mensmunity drug rehabilitation workstationStrengthen the fight against narcotics is the most direct and effective anti-drug measures.Li Jianzhong said, from this year, Anhui Province, will be deployed to carry out a three-year drug problem in the province focused campaigns, and will also increase the focus on drug crimes criminal enforcement of property and improve the effectiveness of anti-drug enforcement, drug traffickers shattered chances.From the source to curb the spread of the development of the drug problem Drug Demand Reduction Efforts need to be strengthened. Realities of the province, Anhui will actively carry out community drug treatment pilot community rehabilitation stations, play a role in towns, streets, communities and pooling of resources, effective implementation of the management of

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